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Offered is the KN95 Mask with CE & FDA Certifications. The KN95 is the medical equivalent to the USA N95 mask and has 95% filtration of particles of > 0.3 microns.

KN95-Mask.png medicalsuite KN95
Eye Protection Mask Package Mask Package
Certificate FDA CE
KN95 Medical Mask and Indvidual face Mask
Minimum order size is 10,000 mask
  • KN95 mask $2.255 each per of 100,000
  • Plus custom charges
  • Indvidual Face Mask $50,500.00 per 100,000
    *Time of Shipment: on 100,000 KN95 Mask = 4-5 days
    *Time of Shipment: on 1,000,000 KN95 Mask = 7days
    *Time of Shipment: 5,000,000 KN95 Mask = 21-25 days
    "All orders shipped via Air freight World Wide"

    Prices are do to change with out warning do to the high demand.